POC Hb/Hct

Rapid Anaemia Point-of-Care Testing

Introducing a rapid patient side test for anaemia in companion animals using venous or capillary blood in single or multiple samples. With results available in seconds this portable, hand-held device offers remarkable benefits to you and your Practice.

Ease of use

Allowing ear prick sample testing, reducing stress for both the patience and the operator.

Speed of results

Offering rapid diagnosis and monitoring by providing a test result in 10 seconds.


The device fits neatly in your hand, can be used anywhere and is fully rechargeable.


Accurate results time after time.

Give your team control

Test as often as you want and reduce the costs associated with external testing labs.

Safety first

No glass components. Keep your team safe with no chance of sharps injuries.

This compact device enables the determination of blood haemoglobin (Hb) and haematocrit (Hct) in 10 seconds and has applications in a variety of situations including:

  • The monitoring of small animal with severe anaemia
  • Home visits by vets and triage nurses
  • Monitoring animals undergoing Oxyglobin transfusion
  • Screening of donor animals at pet blood banks and mobile clinics
  • Pre-general anaesthesia or intra-anaesthesia
  • On-site monitoring of large animals on the farm, zoos and parks.

Technical Features

Sample Type: Venous, arterial or capillary blood
Sample Volume: < 5μL of whole blood
Test Range: Haemoglobin  0 to 25 g/dL, Haematocrit  5 to 80%
Testing Time: < 15 seconds
Portability: Small hand held device
Power: Internal Re-chargeable battery
Ease of use: Single step procedure