What we do

PraecisDx main focus is on antibiotic stewardship at point of care.

We take existing and novel technologies and combine them to achieve laboratory quality results in house for veterinary professionals. Our tests do not require any laboratory experience and can be run by any member of staff in practice.

Tests take between 1 and 30 minutes to run (dependant on the test).

Current Tests
LampMini – UTI test for cats and dogs, takes 30 minutes to run, if positive provides the bacterial species. Stops the use of prophylactic antibiotics. A great rule out test. Click here for further information UTI

LuMini – Biomarker test for different conditions. We currently have tests for C-reactive protein, haptoglobin and procalcitonin. Each test takes 10 minutes to run and we are adding more tests along the way. Please contact us if you have any particular biomarkers in mind. Click here for further information, our Biomarkers

Indications for Testing

Indications for testing include inflammatory conditions, cancer, cardiac conditions and tests to assist antibiotic stewardship (differentiating between infectious and non -infectious inflammation) using blood. We are also developing non-invasive methods to measure APPs in faeces and urine.

Point of Care or Reference Laboratory

All our tests are easy to use and will be available as point of care tests suitable for in clinic use by personnel without laboratory experience or can be sent to our laboratory in Yorkshire